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LBreakout2 - Levelsets

If you have created a levelset just send me a mail with the levelset attached. Please provide a version number and a short description.

If you have questions concering a levelset please mail to the submitter. Though a levelset may have various authors I assume that the one who submitted it is the maintainer.

Linux Installation:
To download a levelset right-click its disk icon, choose Save link document as... and save it to .lgames/lbreakout2-levels in your home directory.

Windows Installation:
To download a levelset right-click its disk icon, choose Save Target As... and save it to <INSTPATH>\lgames\lbreakout2-levels substituting <INSTPATH> with the path to which you installed LBreakout2.

If you want to contact any author about its levelset, click the name and replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . in the email address.

There are currently 94 levelsets with a total of 2733 levels.

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1010011010 v1.0 (7 levels)
by Kbozen

Action, surprises and a lot of fun.
Afl v1.0 (19 levels)
by Ian Lattimore

Based on the Australian Footbal League, with each level representing a team from the league or something to do with the sport.
Africa v4.0 (58 levels)
by OFT

African states in the colors of their flags.
Alex v1.0 (8 levels)
by mtsteel

Alex is an eight level game, very easy to play. I created it for my 5 year old, Alex of course. A nice change of pace to play this one. Very quick and easy.
AllNighter v1.01 (278 levels)
by G

See if you can get through every level I have created to date, in a mega set in somewhat random order. Tremendous scores should be possible with this if you can get far enough!
AllWorld v4.0 (215 levels)
by OFT

All states of the world in the colors of their flags.
America v4.0 (38 levels)
by OFT

American states in the colors of their flags.
Arkanoid v1.0 (8 levels)
by lelldorin

Inspired by the theme Arkanoid, this is a collection of original Arkanoid levels.
Asia v4.0 (52 levels)
by OFT

Asian states in the colors of their flags.
Astra v3.0 (95 levels)
by OFT

All 88 official constellations. Only used strong bricks.
Astro v4.0 (40 levels)
by OFT

Astronomical and astrological symbols
Belief v4.0 (40 levels)
by OFT

Religious and political symbols.
BigBang v0.1 (4 levels)
by Kevin Nathan

My first design with newer LBreakout2 features. Rapid action and excessive balls! Currently unfinished and only four levels.
Biolab428 v1.0 (20 levels)
by hcube

Enter the lab of the mad scientist!
Blues v1.0 (25 levels)
by Karl Lalonde

no description
CalendarFun v2.3 (16 levels)
by Redito

There is a calendar theme to this set, with levels for the seasons and major holidays. I like sets with lots of bonuses and maluses and created this set with that in mind.
Circle v1.0 (17 levels)
by Karl Lalonde

This set is called Circle for no apparent reason. It has 17 levels with the things I enjoy the most from other levelsets: points and randomness. Designed to be fun!
Choices v1.1 (16 levels)
by Thomas F.

All these 12 levels are trivially easy and short - IF you make the right decisions. This levelset requires a little bit of thought much more than skill. Try to get through without warping. Use R (restart level) liberally. Does NOT work at difficulty setting 'Kids'.
Cool v1.0 (33 levels)
by Jacques Buffa

If you like the first arkanoid games, you can try this levelset. There are thirty three levels and it's cool.
Crossing v1.0 (21 levels)
by kbozen

21 levels based on geometric figures. The difficulty rises with every level.
D2K v1.0 (31 levels)
by Karl Lalonde

no description
Daves v2.0 (17 levels)
by David Wagner

Most of the levels are pretty straightforward, but a few of them have sneaky tricks for you to discover. It doesn't take too long, and provides some interesting challenges -- especially at warp factor 100. To reach a million points you will need skill, luck, and perseverence.
Europe v4.0 (48 levels)
by OFT

European states in the colors of their flags.
Family v1.0 (20 levels)
by mtsteel

Family is a 20 level game with easy to Medium levels. Good fun for the whole family. Just be ready to spend some time playing this one.
Fantaisie v1.0 (20 levels)
by Jacques Buffa

Original levels with a lot of colors. It takes a while to finish each level but it's fun to play.
Fatal Doomsday v1.2 (40 levels)
by G

These don't start off terribly hard but get difficult rather quickly. Try to resist warping to the next level as the hardest to hit bricks nearly always contain the best bonuses (or extra paddles.) Expect some tremendous scores if you survive long enough!
FatalDoomsday2 v2.0 (16 levels)
by G

There's only 16 levels this time, but they are even harder than the ones in the first set. On the other hand, they're filled to the brim with bonus points. Study each screen carefully, as some have an easier way to clear them that is not obvious!
Football v3.0 (34 levels)
by OFT

Score goal against all different formations of football.
Frozen v4.0 (13 levels)
by OFT

Evade a lot of malus.
FunCity v1.0 (16 levels)
by G

The screens in Fun City are not too hard to clear, loaded with points, and many feature a lot of pyrotechnics or unusual ways to clear them. Just be sure to pay attention to where the ball is!
Gatinha v1.1 (40 levels)
by Flavio Moreira

By Vivian, 7 old, fanatic player of lbreakout.
Germany v4.0 (19 levels)
by OFT

German states in the colours of their flags.
GreenWall v1.0 (40 levels)
by Ademir Wachholz

GreenWall are 40 challenging levels of fun, you have to catch all energy balls and some bonuses to play the game or use R to restart and try again...requires skill and good nerves.
GreenWall2 v1.0 (40 levels)
by Ademir Wachholz

Test your skills! Catch all energy balls and try to reach 3.000.000 points. But, take care, dont lose the ball. Challenging and lots of fun!
GreenWall3 v1.0 (40 levels)
by Ademir Wachholz

One hour of fun.
GreenWall4 v1.0 (40 levels)
by Ademir Wachholz

One hour and some minutes of fun.
Hans v1.2.3 (20 levels)
by Hans Liao

A very easy levelset for beginners where you can score lots and hardly worry about losing your pad.
HartzIV v3.0 (33 levels)
by OFT

German HartzIV, social welfare provision.
Heroes v1.0 (15 levels)
by Eric Jacobson

A set of 15 levels featuring various hero logos and other stuff. Heroes don't get enough reward, so I made these somewhat point-heavy, with a good mix of power-ups, maluses, and hidden happiness. My first levelset, comments welcome.
Hieroglyphs v4.00 (40 levels)
by OFT

Predecessors of latin letters
Horror v1.0 (9 levels)
by Felipe Ruiz Peixoto

Various levels like a horror film.
Impossibility v1.0 (10 levels)
by Mike Quinn

This new levelset, called Impossibility, is likely the most difficult levelset ever made for any breakout-style game. Don't be fooled into thinking this is easy (with only 10 levels) -- this levelset will take even an expert a long time to complete.
Iris v1.1 (40 levels)
by John van Hooff

Finish the first level and only 39 to go. Somewhere in between you will meet, Earth and space, color and after death. But the trouble is always in the tail. Have a good time!
Irrenhaus Ah v1.0 (39 levels)
by Udo & Kevin

Imagine.. after a nerveous breakdown you find yourself at juniper hill and the walls of your cell are made of rubber. Nobody can hear you crying, none's there to help ya. Try to escape from the madhouse or stay surrounded by other idiots and get tranquilized with a lot of drugs. Be aware of that set, it will eat your brain.... Nothing for a quick run, take your time and a lot of valium.
Izusiowe v0.666 (14 levels)
by Rafal Zawadzki

This set is named after my girlfriend and dedicated to her.
JediAdventure v1.0 (11 levels)
by G

Embark on a Star Wars adventure Lbreakout style! Defeat the imperial fleet, infiltrate and destroy the Death Star, and hopefully escape alive! May the Force be with you!
JustForFun v1.0 (40 levels)
by Cpt. Charisma

A fast paced, action packed set of levels full of explosions, excitement and balls. Most levels require some amount of skill, but they're pretty easy. If you just want to relax and watch 1,000 of explosions and balls, this is the game for you.
KungFu v1.0 (15 levels)
by Sebastian Haas

Here's a new levelset based losely on old Hong Kong Style Kung Fu movies. Should not be too difficult unless your Kung Fu is no good ;)
Lapis v1.0 (9 levels)
by Arman Aksoy

It's a levelset which is prepared for users who got bored from default levels.
Lattices v1.00 (15 levels)
by G

A short level set containing various lattices of colored or invisible bricks, full of surprises or points.
Lattsville v1.0 (40 levels)
by Ian Lattimore

40 levels not based an anything other than what was in my head at the time.
Lord v1.0 (23 levels)
by Udo & Kevin

A co-production of father Spockl and son Lord, which had a lot of fun creating this: Lord's levels work a lot with invisible bricks, energy balls and bombs while Spockl's levels try the patience of the player with difficult passages. But in the there'll be a lot of balls around...
Madness v1.00 (43 levels)
by G

The sequel to Weirdness, consisting of 43 levels in the order I created them without regard to difficulty. As with Weirdness, prepare for anything!
Maze v1.0 (9 levels)
by mtsteel

Maze is a nine level game. Can be Hard. This was created by my 9 year old son. Be prepared to spend some time on this one. My son got a little tricky with some of the levels.
MegaDoomer v1.1 (40 levels)
by Cpt. Charisma

40 levels of challenge, frustration and fun. Some are insanely hard, most are difficult and a few are just plain weird. Includes 14 inside jokes that were funny at the time but don't make sense to me now.
MegaMan2 v2.0 (12 levels)
by Wraith Lord

Classic gaming icon.
Memory v3.0 (26 levels)
by OFT

Only used explosive, strong, hidden and regenerating bricks.
Monty Hall v1.0 (27 levels)
by Kevin Nathan

Inspired by the old "Let's Make a Deal" TV show -- exorbitant scores possible! Designed pre-LBreakout2 so it doesn't use many of the newer features.
Negundoid v1. 0 (21 levels)
by Rado Negundo

no description
NES v1.0 (10 levels)
by Red Omen

10 Levels themed after classic 8-bit Nintendo games.
NewBricks v3.0 (40 levels)
by OFT

Only used growing bricks.
NewOERG1 v1.0 (27 levels)
by oerg866

This levelset has some really difficult levels in it, a total of about 27 levels, including some logos and so on. This takes me a while to play. This thing has a "boss" stage, wich is extremely hard.
Oceania v4.0 (20 levels)
by OFT

Oceanic states in the colors of their flags.
Patience v1.0 (24 levels)
by G

A good measure of patience is necessary on these screens. Though they're not terribly difficult, they'll take a fair bit of time to complete. These levels are literally bursting with points, though on many of them, you'll have to work for it! Levels 10 and 20 are bonus rounds to give you a bit of a break from the tense action.
PCGames v2.0 (26 levels)
by OFT

Classic PC and board games.
PlayAgain v1.0 (25 levels)
by Jacques Buffa

Twenty five colorful classic Arkanoid-like levels with a lot of colors. Not difficult to play but it's fine.
OpenSource v1.0 (15 levels)
by warbird

no description
OurWorld v1.2 (20 levels)
by Anarcxpoll

This is a 20 levels set of history of our world.
P.I.T.A. v1.1 (25 levels)
by G

These are probably the toughest levels I have created so far. Patience, careful study of each screen, and skillful shooting will be your main weapons to get through these. Get far enough and get treated to a recap of the ending screens to all of my previous level sets, and possibly, if you can do it, reach the secret bonus round! Play this a few times and you'll probably figure out what the acronym stands for... it's definitely not a type of bread! Oh yeah, good luck!
Popcorn v1.0 (20 levels)
by NJBilly

20 levels themed to movies and the theatre. Starts off easy and progressively gets harder, then ending with an explosive "The End" level. All very fast paced levels!
R-World v1.4 (24 levels)
by Lance Dillon

Various interesting levels.
Rich Quick v1.0 (9 levels)
by Sean Murphy

Starts off easy, but gets harder as you collect way too many bonus points (all the falling points can make it hard to keep track of the ball). It has nine levels for now, but if anybody likes it I'd probably add more.
Sadistic v1.0 (6 levels)
by Daxter304

Six levels of purely sadistic LBreakout.
Silly v1.0 (14 levels)
by Kevin

Watchout for the invisble bricks!
SkillShot v1.0 (18 levels)
by mtsteel

Skill Shot is a 18 Level game with Medium to heavy levels. Can be Challenging. Don't get annoyed!
Smilies v1.0 (20 levels)
by Enrico Schettler

A set with 20 new levels of medium difficulty. It's called Smilies, cause you'll find a lot of em in the levels. The smiley-type let you suppose sometimes what awaits you. ;)
SnyMaxx v1.14 (23 levels)
by Johann Snyman

A few levels, mainly intended to be used in FREAKOUT mode.
Symmetry v1.0 (9 levels)
by Leo Gruijters

no description
Symmetry-MKII v1.0 (10 levels)
by Leo Gruijters

Action, action, action. A challenge for your body and your mind. Enjoy !
T.C.S. v1.0 (23 levels)
by G

Each level of T.C.S. (Trickshot Construction Set) gives you one or two of the dark blue "blast everything" balls to start with. It won't be enough to clear the whole level, and you'll have to deal with what's left, so clear as much as you can with them. You can wind up with something easy to clear, or maddeningly difficult. Plan your strategy carefully!
TheEnd v1.1 (14 levels)
by G

Every "The End" screen I have created is present in this level set. Note that since these are the final levels of the other sets, they're formidable obstacles to clear. If you can do it, you can get a reasonable score at "The End."
TheGauntlet v1.0 (7 levels)
by Lourens Veen

Only seven levels, but don't worry, they'll keep you busy for quite a while...
TimeWaster v1.1 (40 levels)
by houghi

TimeWaster are 40 levels from very easy to very hard. Some names of the levels indicate what to do, others will put you on the wrong path. Most levels have an easy and a hard way to do things, especially the start of each level.
Tricky v1.0 (15 levels)
by Lelldorin

This set is named tricky and it is tricky. :)
TrickShot v1.0 (17 levels)
by G

A set of levels that requires precise shooting. They start off relatively easy then become rather difficult at the end.
Twilight v1.1 (26 levels)
by Norbert Anders

A complete Set of 26 levels, trying to describe the world, my momentary feelings, the weather and everything else. Some easy, some hard, just like the real life.
Weirdness v1.0 (34 levels)
by G

A bunch of levels I created without a common theme. The difficulty of this set is very uneven, as they are in the order I created them without regard to their difficulty. Prepare for anything!
Wizi v1.0 (10 levels)
by Krzysiek

This levelset is not too simple but many gifts and points.
WallBricks v4.0 (40 levels)
by OFT

Break through metal and chaotic bricks
WonderWalls v1.0 (13 levels)
by G

Every screen in WonderWalls offers up a random challenge every time. It could be very easy or a real pain in the neck!
WTF v2.4.1 (35 levels)
by Mench

Reasonably difficult, time consuming levels, definitely not for the faint hearted.
X v1.1 (13 levels)
by xposya

Level set based loosley around my nickname, xposya, aka x, work in progress.
Zigies v1.0 (10 levels)
by Christian Ziegler

Some easy, some hard and some tricky levels. Your feedback is welcome.
Zooligan v1.02 (16 levels)
by Tim Wesson

These levels range from moderate in difficulty to nigh-impossible. If you can complete on one set of lives, you're doing very well indeed!