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LBreakout2 - Themes

Linux Installation:
Extract the zip file (unzip theme.zip) and move the theme directory to .lgames/lbreakout2-themes in your home directory.

Windows Installation: (since 2.4.1 only!!!)
E.g., if you installed LBreakout2 to C:\GAMES\LBREAKOUT2 simply extract the zip file to C:\GAMES\LBREAKOUT2\GFX.

You can then select the theme in the LBreakout2 menu Graphics/SelectTheme.

If you want to make a theme have a look at the manual, send me an e-mail with your theme attached and please provide a title, version, description and a screenshot.

If you want to contact an author about its theme, click the name and replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . in the email address.

Download ALL themes

absoluteB v0.8
by Jurgen De Backer

I started this theme just for fun. It has changed a lot since the previous version and looks more consistent now. Hopefully you'll enjoy this theme.
Amiga v0.8
by Lelldorin

A little though not really bombastic theme, but as there is a port of LBreakout2 for AROS (Amiga Research Operation System) and as I am an old Amiga fan I created this theme for it.
Antiquity v1.0
by Jacek Krok

Backward look into the ancient times.
Antiquity2 v1.0
by Jacek Krok

Another look into the ancient times.
Aqua v0.78
by Kevin McDorman

An aquatic(bluish?) theme, created for no apparent reason; without fish.
Aquarium v1.0
by Lelldorin

Play LBreakout2 in an aquarium!
Arkanoid v1.0
by Ciprian Popovici

This is my first attempt at recreating the environment from "Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh". The graphics were taken from actual Arkanoid screenshots and adapted for LBreakout2. See the README for more information.
Arkanoid1 v1.0
by Vignesh Sampath Kumar

Theme inspired by Arkanoid 1 and a lot of other themes. Recommended to play with no animations as Arkanoid1 does not have the destroy brick animation.
Army v1.2
by Jacek Krok

A military climate. A war game against the bricks.
Autumn v1.1
by Jacek Krok

It's the saddest of my "Four seasons" theme. Rusty colours, sorrow and nostalgia.
Beveled v1.0
by Will Pittenger

I wanted a simpler background.
Cargo Raider v1.0
by Andrew Carpenter

Cargo Raider is a science-fiction sort of theme, replacing the paddle with a spaceship, and the bricks with cargo containers. Your goal is to destroy all the cargo of the enemy. (I wrote a goofy little back story in the README on this.)
Cars v1.1
by Jacek Krok

Something special for those who are interested in motorization. Two types of bodyworks (sedan and wagon), some roadsigns and extras looking like the numberplates.
Chocolate v1.2
by Jacek Krok

Some people say that these bricks look like a bar of chocolate. That's why I called it "chocolate".
Clear Colors v1.0
by Wuzzy

A colorful theme with high saturation with a focus on clarity (partly based on AbsoluteB).
Combustion v1.0
by Oleg

I try to avoid fancy, eye disturbing colors and 'freeware-game-style' graphics and make something I can play between works.
Dano v1.5
by Lelldorin

This theme was inspired by the unofficial version of beos - v5.1 dano. It looks much better than the original.
DeadFish v1.0
by Johannes Kroll

Dark background and colorful bricks. Composed from bits of the Fisheye Mag Viewer / HTML Browser.
Fantasy v1.2
by Lelldorin

The look of my very first homepage inspired me to do this fantasy theme.
Frameless v4.4
by OFT

5 colours: Silver Green Yellow Violet Cyan
12 kinds of backgrounds: Apples Check Colours Dark Earth Lawn Metal Mushs Room Stone Tanna Universe
60 variants!
Land Of Thrill v1.0
by Jacek Krok

Horror in the Brickland.
Minority v1.0
by Stephen Stagg

Candy colors, rendered with a glass effect, needs a decent bit-depth.
Modern Bricks v1.0
by Jacek Krok

It has an easy look and I think that's why it is very "playable".
Moiree v1.0
by Astrid Peters

If you like ascii quake, you will like this one too.
Old Bricks v1.0
by Jacek Krok

I found all the backgrounds on the internet. They are free for non-commercial use. I'd like to thank all the unknown authors for accidental help.
Outer Space v1.1
by Jacek Krok

"To reach the stars, the dreamer must be". These are the words of Alan Parson's Project's song. Maybe I'm a dreamer...
Outer Space 2 v1.0
by Jacek Krok

Another part of the cosmic adventures. I think, much better then part one.
Outer Space 3 v1.0
by Jacek Krok

I spent much time creating it. I think it's my 'magnum opus'. Check it!
Oz v1.0
by Austin Henry

These graphics were all produced from photos taken on a trip to Australia. Primarily from photos of interesting sand and rock formations. I left the backgrounds other than the black ones, because they went so well with the colour scheme.
Romanofski v0.5
by Roman Joost

A little hack with some of my own grafics. Please forgive me, but the theme has some bugs (some grafics are not displayed correctly). I'll try to fix them as soon as possible and add new stuff. The font which i used for my backgrounds, is not made by me. I'll have to give credit to the one who made "megalomaniax kg". If you wanna give me a comment about the theme, drop me an email ;)
Shiva Nataraja v1.0
by Freek Janssens

This theme was made on an evening when I was in a controversial mood. Things simply had to change. Red became yellow, squares became circle etcetera. With an eye on details I tried to get the best of it here for you, so lets just try it!
Spring v1.0
by Jacek Krok

I wondered for a long time how to express spring in one of my themes. I created the first brick accidentally, and I thought: "It could be spring!"
StainedGlass v1.1
by Jacek Krok

I tried to express "a cathedral atmosphere". I think I've managed it.
Stheme v1.0
by Seamus McGill

Funky theme including new sounds.
Summer v1.1
by Jacek Krok

One of the "Four Seasons" themes. Very colourful and cheerful like the season, that it represents.
Sweets v1.0
by Jacek Krok

No description.
Technicolor Nostalgy v1.0
by Rodney Caruana

I like the game but I missed the arcady colors, games had once (Remember the Amiga!?)... Well I hope you like this!
TechnoGothic v1.0
by Jacek Krok

I don't know what "Techno Gothic" is. You must ask my son. The name of this levelset is his idea.
Winter v1.1
by Jacek Krok

A really cold theme. Especially for playing during the winter evenings.
Woven v1.2
by Jacek Krok

Destructible bricks seem to form some kind of fabric. Play it if you want.