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Online Chess Club (OCC) is a small PHP chess game. It is not meant for public use but rather for playing with friends. Any number of games can be opened and the idea is to check once in a while (like once a day) whether somebody has moved and if so respond along with a comment. While it is possible to play a quick game by hitting Refresh frequently or using a chat tool for communication this is not the aim of OCC. Other online chess games may fit this purpose better.
OCC stores all moves of a game (can be replayed in history browser) and automatically recognizes checkmate and stalemate. A draw can be proposed at any time (opponent needs to agree). When a game is finished it is archived. All games can be saved as PGN to analyse them with your favorite chess tool, e.g., with Fritz.

A PHP-ready web server is required to set up a chess server while playing itself requires a browser.